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Wissota Sand and Gravel - Testimonials

Family Owned Wissota Sand and Gravel Aggregate Business.“Schmitz Ready-Mix Inc. has been a loyal customer of Wissota Sand and Gravel for close to 40 years now. Back then my father, Harvey, worked with Chris Larson's father Ray. Today, both family-owned businesses continue to grow and support each other.

Schmitz Ready-Mix Inc. has always valued the product consistency, and the depth of the supplier/customer relationship. I have always looked at our relationship with Wissota Sand and Gravel as a business partnership as has Chris Larson CEO of Wissota.

Wissota Sand and Gravel - Producing highest quality aggregate.

I, of course, hope to see many more years of product support from Wissota Sand and Gravel and hope that some day my children will be working with Chris' children as partners in producing the highest quality Ready-Mix concrete using the highest quality of aggregate from Wissota Sand and Gravel.”

Alan Schmitz
Chairman of the Board
Schmitz Ready Mix-Inc.