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Wissota Sand and Gravel - About Us

Founded by four gentlemen from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Wissota Sand & Gravel has been has been producing top-quality aggregate products throughout Wisconsin for more than 95 years.

Wissota Sand & Gravel Aggregate Plant

By the 1940's, Wissota Sand & Gravel became a family-owned and operated business when Ray A. Larson Sr. purchased the company. He had been working at Wissota Sand & Gravel for stock in
place of a paycheck since before the Great Depression. Ray Sr. expanded the company's operations to include Haugen, Wisconsin, and continued to build the business by producing
superior products, providing incomparable
customer service, and investing in quality
employees who always put the customers'
needs first. These standards continue today as
the main values in Wissota Sand & Gravel's
successful business philosophy.

WI & MN Aggregate Production

In 1953, Ray A. Larson, Jr. joined his father at Wissota Sand & Gravel and expanded the company's operations into Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Hayward, Wisconsin, and Winona, Minnesota. In 1970, Ray Jr. established Ready Mix businesses in Hayward, Wis. and Ladysmith, Wis., and purchased Ripley Sand and Gravel in Duluth, Minn. In continuing with family and company tradition, Chris Larson, former Wissota Sand & Gravel President, started Ashland Bayfield Concrete (ABC) in 1997.

Wissota Sand & Gravel Quality Aggregate and Service

Today, in Wissota Sand & Gravel's third-generation as a
family-owned and operated business, we produce aggregates
at our Slinger, Wisconsin location. We have 12 employees and
remain a top-leader in the sand and gravel industry.

We are unique because, unlike many other aggregate
companies in the area, we use an in-house trucking firm to
get products to our customers quickly and conveniently.
Quality products and services have built Wissota Sand &
Gravel into the success it is today and give us an edge
against competition. We are proud of the exceptional
products and services we deliver to customers every day.

Daryl Schmidt, Milwaukee supervisor/sales
Pam Lackas, Milwaukee office manager
Angela Walter, Eau Claire office manager